„It doesn’t matter where you come from,
It matters where you go,
And no one gets remembered
For the things they didn’t do.” Frank Turner


Since I was…

…a young boy I constantly owned a computer. The whole thing started with a C64, then came an Amiga and then football. These days, I coded text-adventures in Basic, but (to be honest) never really finished one.

My job career started way back in the late 80's with an apprenticeship in interior design. At this time it became clear that creativity is my strength and I fell in love with painting and airbrush. I learned a lot about typography and printing, about the basics in design, colors and art. But I didn't really want to spend the days tinkering around in shops.

After passing an alternative service (yeah, I never felt like being a soldier) I did the A-levels in Design. With that in my pocket I started my second apprenticeship as a carpenter. The plan was to become a specialist in exhibition stand construction but I had to abandon it because of an impairment to health.

I started studying engineering but recognised soon that my interest and passion for webdesign and -development grew stronger and I wanted to put my effort and my gained knowledge into this scope. So I made a third – and final – two year scholastic education for a digital media designer. In the course of this I did an internship for five months at an architectural office. Since then webwork has become more than a job for me.


Frontends are my passion.

I first kickstarted my career in webdesign by self-employment in 2001. Back then I created websites in Flash (not online anymore) and table-based layouts. In those days webdesigners believed in pixel-perfection and gave a damn about loading-time. But very soon I faced towards more accessible techniques and learned to master them.

After three years I decided to gain working experience within a company and started to work for StepStone Deutschland GmbH as a Webproducer. I was responsible for HTML & CSS trainings, code and workflow optimisation, product optimisation and development. And from the beginning of 2012 for SEO Development and Frontend Development on the core site with over 2 million visitors per month. It has been a great challenge and I used to work in an amazing team in an international environment, but after more than six years, I felt like it was time for a change...

I started at netzkern AG in Wuppertal in January 2013. It's been a complete new situation for me, because now I was surrounded by software engineers and programmers. My business here was frontend development based on a .NET, C#, XSLT and at least Sitecore backend. In this scope I tailored frontends, diving deeper into the programmatic approach of Web Development every day. As a result, my skills in jQuery increased dramatically. In October 2013 I produced a jQuery training video for Galileo Press together with a colleague.
At netzkern AG I worked for customers like Montblanc (responsive Frontends, technical SEO but offline since relaunch), Vorwerk Thermomix (Rezeptportal Thermomix a Scrum project, based on angular.js). I counseled large web projects regarding technical SEO (code optimization, schema.org, a11y) and thereby improved my skills in technical marketing.
During this time I participated at 50 Leute 100 Steaks, a slightly uncommon but very inspiring Online-Marketing Meeting in Berlin and in November I catched a chance to have a talk at DC13 in Hamburg about „Responsive Tracking”. The slides are available at SlideShare.
Thank you netzkern for the great times! Maybe, one day, we'll meet again for kicking it in one of those messy football halls down in Wuppertal…

From May 2014 I worked at menadwork kommunikation GmbH (btw, coding this site has been a challenge) in Düsseldorf as Head of Frontend Development and SEO. I technical planned and coded the frontends for e.g. Weißer Riese (not online anymore), Henkel Lifetimes TV, Atryum, the lifestyle magazine of Atry (nominated for the SEMY award 2015 at the category „INNOVATIVSTE CONTENT-MARKETING KAMPAGNE”!), the responsive website for Dylon (not online anymore) and 4pr, wrote a code guide in between and successfully optimized e.g. B+B Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG regarding SEO and mobile devices.

By the end of 2015 SapientNitro in Cologne asked me to join their team. I've been very pleased and started as a Senior Interactive Developer L2. In this role I've been deployed as the technical consultant and solution architect for Bosch. Together with my team and the lead developer of Bosch we started the planning for the relaunch of their major site. Besides, I coded their new brand Microsite Brand Book.
Unfortunately I realised after three months, that commuting between Krefeld and Cologne wasn't that as easy as I expected. Therefore, I quit Sapient at the end of April 2016 because moving to Cologne has never been an option. In addition, I luckily received an offer from my former agency meanwhile. After all, I learned a lot about how a big, global player is doing enterprise level projects. SapientNitro, thanks a lot for the trust and the boost!

So, in May 2016, I returned to menadwork, to my old, well-known team. We started a couple of very interesting projects since then. We relaunched Henkel's Lifestyle Magazine Henkel Lifetimes, with optimized performance, fresh code, improved Usability and SEO. The creation of a new community platform called Produkttester Lounge, where testers can post and talk about their experience with Henkel products. And a platform for offering construction based projects and investments, named DIE BAUPROJEKTE as well as the online laundry service of Persil Service, partly realized in React. It's always a good thing to have the chance to deal with cutting edge technologies.

In the mid of 2017, Tobias Thiele of webArtig GmbH called me and asked me to join his start-up agency. It sounded quite interesting, because they needed someone to set up the internal processes, to dive deeply into Jira and Scrum and deal with highly complex user interfaces. I was so amazed by the idea to help them shape their agency that I didn't hesitate long and joined them as a Senior Developer and Teamlead in December. We mostly focus on Angular and component based development for huge international customers. The project I ♥ most is the Steelfinder, which isn't officially launched yet, but I can't keep it for me (this is private environment, so don't spread it).

That's it for now. Feel free to take a look at the technical side of this portfolio (the source code) and check out my CV there. But wait a second, first learn more about…


The hard facts.

Coding skills.

Tools & Software.



My soft skills.

I'm an open-minded person with the ability to look beyond tellerrand. New things like developments are welcome to me, trying to dig into them quickly. I don't like unsolved problems and solving them means sometimes a real sleep-killer to me.

I have the ability to work well organised and structured even in stressful situations and know how to finish a project in time.

Like I said earlier, Webwork has become a passion to me. I spend a lot (sometimes too much) of my spare time studying new technics and improving my skills and my workflow. Therefore I'm around in the social networks above to always stay up-to-date and informed.

I love blogging and writing articles, doing it for my own blog (freizeitler.de), the Webkrauts, for the maigrün-blog of netzkern once for the Webstandards Magazin and for Weave (2/2014). I really love to write, but there are some reasons mostly keeping me from doing it...

I'm married and a proud father of two. A boy and a girl. They all really keep me busy in my spare time but I love it! They turn my job into family-driven development.

I love Tattoos and used to sing in several bands some years ago in Aachen and since I moved away I'm playing guitar and singing along for my own (and sometimes for my friends).

Since 2013 I have a new challenge and maybe it could become a new passion. I'm Improving my skills as a speaker…


mobile yeti

You learned a lot about my skills and my person by now. I hope you want to get in touch with me soon. However...

Thank you for visiting my Portfolio!